Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Turkey Plate Still Life

Every Thanksgiving mom and dad liked to host turkey dinner.  Mom would ask, "Can you get the turkey plates out for the table?"  The turkey plates, stacked inside the hutch, required strength to remove.

It was not likely there was a Thanksgiving at their place where the turkey plates with matching turkey platter to hold the usually large turkey weren't used.  

When mom took a ceramics class, she made a turkey-shaped bowl to hold the turkey dressing.  You would remove the lid by grasping the turkey's head and reach into the inside of the turkey's belly to remove (with a spoon) dad's expertly prepared dressing with sage, onions and a range of delightful herbs.  

As we begin Thanksgiving week I couldn't resist painting a tribute to the turkey plate.    
Here's to a Thanksgiving when we'll all practice gratitude.

Oil on panel
6" x 6"
In private collection